Embassy Services

The Embassy of the state of Qatar provides the following consular services:

1-Receipt of requests for passport renewal of Qatari citizens living in the French Republic.

2-Issuance of return tickets for Qatari citizens who lost their passports during their presence in France, or in the case of newborns.

3-Issuance of public or private authorizations for Qatari citizens.

4-Help Qatari citizens in any difficulties they may encounter during their visit to France.

5-Answer general inquiries of Qatari citizens visiting France.

6-Issuance of visas (official, tourist and business) for citizens and residents of France.

7-Issuance of visas for French military officials working at Udaid air base in Qatar, in coordination with the consular department at the Ministry of foreign affairs and Qatar armed forces.

8-Ratification of documents provided by companies in the French Republic and the Principality of Monaco.

9-Ratification of the personal certificates of French residents.

10-Answer general inquiries of French citizens and residents of France who are willing to visit Qatar.

11-Legal referral of cases registered in the State of Qatar against persons or companies in France.

12-The issuance of temporary licenses for military aviation, which uses French airspace.

13-Helping patients who are in France for treatment for extended periods of time, whether the expenses of their treatment is paid for by the state of Qatar, or at their own expense, in renewing their residenceship from the competent French authorities.

14-Help Qatari citizens studying in France to obtain and renew their residenceship.

Means adopted by the mission to protect the interests of Qatari citizens:

1-There is a 24h phone number for the embassy to assist any citizen in any problem or an emergency situation, this number in addition to the number of “Tawasol” ministry service, will be sent via text message to every citizen as soon as they arrive to France.

2-Instructions and advices to Qatari citizens visiting France, through the website of the embassy of the state of Qatar in Paris (Travel Tips), and it also includes all tips and precautions to be taken by Qatari citizens during their presence in France, these information are updated regularly in accordance with any update occurs in France.

3-Ongoing coordination with the competent French authorities to overcome the difficulties faced by Qatari citizens in France, through the provision of assistance to citizens who are involved in accidents, or are admitted to hospitals in an emergency, as well as to assist some patients who are being treated at their own expense to determine the dates and translation (according to availability).

4-The embassy is keen to update the list of names of Qataris patients are in France, by addressing the medical office in Bonn (Germany), and update the list of Qatari students in France, through the mission’s office at the UNESCO, in order to facilitate communication between them and the embassy, as well as inviting them to national events and celebrations.

Services requested by Qatari citizens, and their availability:

1-Traffic tickets are often requested by citizens in the event of loss or theft of their passports, traffic tickets will be issued after direct coordination with the Department of nationality and passports in the Ministry of Interior.

2-Many citizens often request the embassy to help them to get to medical appointments, translation services, and transportation, and the embassy tries to help them with these requests, according to the means available, as there is no medical office in France, where the medical office in Bonn (Germany), is the assigned medical office for Qatari citizens in Europe.