Laws of concern to Qatari citizens in the hosting Country


  • France is a secular state under the law of 1905, which separates between religion and the State. In 2003 France has enacted a law banning the Islamic headscarf and other obvious manifestations of religious affiliation in public schools from primary to secondary stage. Also, in 2009 France has enacted a law banning the wearing of head veil that covers the face in public places, while the French law does not prohibit wearing the Islamic scarf in public places.
  • French and European laws require any visitor to declare any amounts of more than 10 thousand euros to the customs when entering its territory. This value is calculated to gather all the amounts carried by members of a family or a couple (even if each member is carrying an amount less than 10 thousand euros). This value is calculated from all amounts of money including other currencies (whatever the currency is), checks, travelers’ checks, travel treasury bonds and other. Any visitor does not declare the amounts exceeding 10 thousand euros will be fined, and the visitor’s name will be registered in the record of customs.