What to do in case of loss or theft of a passport or any other official document?
In this case, you must go to the nearest police station to report the loss or theft of a passport. The police will ask you to fill out and sign a form in this regard, and then gives you a copy of it. This procedure is particularly important to avoid the use of these documents by any person for illegal purposes.

You must provide a copy of the Declaration of the loss or theft of a passport to the Consulate of State of Qatar in Paris which will take the necessary actions.

How do I get medical appointments in France?

Bring with you all documents related to your medical profile, it is better to have it translated into French, or at least to English.

 Medical services in France are subject to strict regulations: Doctors, clinics, and hospitals provide appointments for patients, may be taken before several months sometimes. You should contact the medical facility early to get an early appointment, and you shouldn’t leave it to the last moment, because that will delay the appointment dates.

In emergency situations you can visit the emergency department in hospitals without an appointment.

How to book a room in a Hotel?

Hotel rooms can be booked via the Internet or phone. Most of the hotels in France request the credit card number in advance, to be used as collateral to pay the bill later. In the tourist season (spring and summer, the end of the Year Celebrations) it is best to book several weeks in advance. Room rates include breakfast, but usually do not include other meals, but it is better to make sure of that with the management of the hotel.